Saturday, October 24, 2009

Oh the things you learn after marriage...

I have been battling quite the cold over here in Korea, and Chin-Hwa has been taking care of me dutifully, despite the fact that I sneezed so hard yesterday that I blew a huge, discolored snotty booger onto his pants. (Love me?) After having three days together, we started to run out of conversation topics, such as, "Did you poop today?" or "How's your snot's consistency?" so we started to talk about Sesame Street, what seemed to be a natural progression of things.

You will never guess what happened next.

Chin-Hwa revealed that he has BEEN ON SESAME STREET!!!!!!! Dear Lord! I couldn't believe it, so I made him prove it to me. Sure enough, we went to the Sesame Street website and looked up the video "Blueberry mouth." There he was, the nine year old version of Chin-Hwa, munching on one of nature's candies. Not only was Chin-Hwa on the video, but so was his mother, Chong-Suk, and brother, Matthew.

Please note my surprise. Chin-Hwa revealed this as if it was normal, as if every child had a chance to be on Sesame Street. NO, BABY. YOU HAVE LIVED ONE OF MY CHILDHOOD DREAMS.

I'm not so sure whether to be proud or whether to edit myself into a cooler Sesame Street video and then tell him about it one day, out of nowhere. "Oh, you've never met Steve Martin? Yeah, I talked to him for a long time once on the set of Sesame Street. We were discussing the merits of early Greek philosophy. He argued that it was important, and while I had to agree with him, I also stated the importance of some of the postmodern thinkers. I was six. Nickie was there. Yeah, I still get Christmas cards."

Please check it out. His family is the one Asian family. He's wearing a Key West t-shirt and his mom is sporting a beautiful, early 90s style perm.


  1. Wait a gol darn minute. What is the rest of the story? Who did they have to bribe to get on SS? Most important did they get to eat any pie?

  2. That was hilarious!! If only every child was so lucky to be on Sesame Street. I'd like to see a modern version of blueberry mouth. Any chance you have blueberry pie over there for a photo op?
    Heather Witt

  3. OH MY GOSH hilarious! I love how he catches the blueberry in his mouth! Was this a farm in Kansas? Chin-Hwa should have been featured more in this video, instead of that awkward red head :)

  4. He was on SESAME STREET?? That's just incredible You're married to a celebrity.