Monday, October 5, 2009


As Chin-Hwa learned during his medic training, you don't get any smarter in an emergency. You had better know your stuff before an emergency comes because adrenaline is not intelligence producing. I had this fact in mind before he left for training this month so I asked him what I should do in case of emergencies. What I was told was disconcerting to say the least...

If one has an emergency in Korea, one has to dial 119. That's right: 119.

The odds of me remembering this in case of emergency? About zero. How can I act against years of 911?! I'm pretty sure I would not remember this important, yet subtle, number change if I was bleeding profusely or choking.

In an effort to comfort me, one of my friends informed me that on base, you can call 911 for emergencies. I guess my best solution then would be to have an emergency, such as frizzy hair day or soy milk shortage, and make the half hour walk to base so I can call 911. I've got my fingers crossed that I will not have any emergencies!

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  1. I miss you
    soy milk shortage. you're ridiculous