Friday, October 9, 2009

My brush with fame?

Today I was walking through Hyehwa (the university/theater district in Seoul metro) with my friend April. We were rounding a street corner when a woman stopped us. She was giggling and spoke very clear English. She introduced herself as a student from a nearby university and asked if I would answer some questions. She had a partner who asked April the same thing. Now, I love to talk about myself so I was happy to fill out a questionnaire.

My interviewer handed me a sheet of loose leaf with ten questions written on it. Her handwriting was impeccable. She asked questions ranging from my name, to my first impression of Korea, to my favorite Korean food, to my motive for being in Korea. She also giggled at all of my answers for some reason, including when I said that bulgogi was my favorite food (it is a tender spiced beef that is delectable). Again, this humor went right over my head, but I guess my inherent humor must shine through my facial expressions. Feeling fresh, I asked her how she could tell that I knew English. She looked embarrassed for a slight moment, but quickly recovered with a giggle and said that April and I looked like "foreigners." Safe answer. I wold have just said that I looked really tall, blond, and white.

She concluded her interview by asking if she could take a picture with me. I have to please my public, so I agreed. She threw up a peace sign and took a picture with her phone.

April and I ran into her later and she waved like we were long lost friends. I felt famous through and through, thanks to a random university student who is working on a school project of some sort...

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