Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Well friends, it is that magical time of year...Halloween. And even though no one in Korea celebrates, my fellow teachers and I figured out a way around this. That's right: we brought our students to the Army-sponsored Halloween party. What a collision of worlds.

The kids talked about the party up until we got there and have been talking about it ever since. Their favorite part? The candy. Duh. They're kids. But they also enjoyed the other assortments of free food, which makes me think that they will all be ready for college before they know it. This picture was them at the party. The men in the back were some of the soldiers who volunteered/were told to help escort the kids.

I will miss having trick or treaters, but I feel lucky that I was able to celebrate with the students a few weeks early. I will not miss all of the college students in Berkeley who viewed Halloween as an ideal time to start streaking. Silly kids.

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  1. Jackie, they are soooooooo cute.....can't wait til you have one of your own......Happy Halloween. Miss you, MOM