Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Husker love

Friends. Every Korean who is fashionable has a Major League Baseball cap (there are more Oakland A's hats here than there were in Oakland) and at least one or two t-shirts with English writing on them. Although this is trendy, I'm not so sure that every one who is wearing an English shirt knows what the shirt says. For example, I have seen a man wearing a shirt that says "New York Mental Institution" on it with an inmate number on the back. Do you think he really knew what that meant?

Anyhoo, the other day I was eating at a restaurant that was on the second floor of a building and next to a window. I was people watching when I noticed that one man was wearing a Nebraska Huskers football shirt. I started waving frantically and pointed to my shirt, as if to say, "Dude! I'm with you! Go Huskers!" despite the fact that I was not wearing a Huskers tshirt of my own. He did not/chose not to understand me and walked away shaking his head.


  1. Wonderful to see that happens in Korea as well as the foreign country known as Chicago. Chicago if you remember your geography is only 2 states away not 2 oceans. I even get a moment of joy when I see a Crete freight truck on the tollway because I know there is a Nebraska connection. Tom Ricketts owning cubs. I could go on and on. Love your blogs Jackie and love you. Miss you Aunt Therese

  2. I am moving to Korea in June (or August) from Lincoln. I was just going a google search to see if there were any other husker fans or Nebraskans in Korea. Looks like I've found one! Are you from Nebraska? Still in Korea?