Tuesday, September 8, 2009

On Being Blonde in Korea

One comment I heard many times in the days leading up to my departure date for Korea was that the Korean children might stare and want to touch my hair. People who had never even been to Asia were assuring me that it would happen and told me to be prepared.

While I have attracted many stares (being ridiculously good looking is hard) it wasn't until Saturday night that I had my first hair touch. Chin-Hwa's cousin Ji-Bin, a lively four-year-old girl, was the first to ask to touch my hair. Actually, she didn't ask and actually, she really just put her hands in it and moved them all around so I looked like I was stuck in a windstorm. She also laughed uproariously. Then, she caught a glimpse of my Hello Kitty phone bauble and asked me for it. I had no idea what she said so I put the phone away, unaware. She then started bawling and ran to her mom. Chin-Hwa translated her request and asked that I give her the Hello Kitty. Since I am mature enough to give things to others, I only whimpered for a short while before releasing the toy. Once she had it we were best friends again. Four-year-olds are fickle.

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  1. It's ridiculous how much I can picture you whimpering before you gave up the toy. And (though it's gone now), I'm glad that for a bit you had a cell phone bauble so as not to be left out.