Monday, September 28, 2009

A Hike

Yesterday I went on a hike on Mount Soyosan. ("-san" means mountain in Korean. I do not know what "Soyo" means, so let's just assume it is "Mount of Soyo" and call it a day.) I went with Candice and Anna, two women I've met here. Although Candice assured us that the whole mountain was an "easy" hike, we elected to stay on the cement path and only go up a little bit. I get nervous when I'm too high up mountains, mostly because I'm not used to them...

We began our climb and passed many people in various states of hiking gear. We even saw one woman wearing three inch heels, which seemed so impractical I had to stop from pointing. I was wearing thin tennis shoes myself, so I didn't have much room to talk.

Eventually, we came to many flights of stairs. We took them, and on the top was a Buddhist temple. The temple was beautiful--it had lots of candles and the ceiling was lined with paper lotus flowers. There was also a golden Buddha at the front of the temple and a few people inside praying. It was breathtaking, and only one of a few Buddhist temples I've seen in my life.

I'm looking forward to going further up the mountain but this was a lovely way to start off. Here is a picture of the mountain that I found online. My digital camera from 2000 finally died, so I'm waiting to buy a new one so I can take my own pictures to share.


  1. I love how your posts are all from the future. For example: You wrote this at 12:02 PM on Monday, September 28. I read this at 10:50 AM on Monday, September 28.

  2. They had a cement path and stairs? Lucky. None of the mountains in Colorado have such amenities.

    I take that back. You can drive up Mt. Evans and Pikes Peak.

    I also find it funny that "san" means "mountain" in Korean. The Japanese suffix "san" is a term of respect, like you would use for a teacher or leader.