Sunday, December 5, 2010


I was quite proud of our little Christmas tree until we got our first gift in the mail. It is too big to fit under the tree! Haha I guess I should just be excited to open such a huge box, but it makes tree pictures look a tad bit ridiculous. Case in point:

Christmas in Korea is much tamer than Christmas in the U.S., where companies try to smack you over the face with Christmas spirit. There is no Christmas music blaring and it is rare to see Christmas lights. Some might say it is refreshing, but I'm less enchanted. I actually like it when Christmas takes over Omaha. I'm not a fan of the consumerism of it all, but I do love the spirit. So I'm going to have to don a Santa hat from here on out to make sure Christmas goes wherever I go! Luckily, I'm willing to make that sacrifice.


  1. Glad you received my disproportionate package :) I also notice an ornament I sent you in the middle of the tree is also quite large! -Nickie

  2. Please let me know when you get a big ass box from me. Love, Mom

  3. Fab tree - did hubby help or just sit there and watch as you got the Christmas spirit going?