Saturday, December 25, 2010

A Letter to Fans of Jackie's Blog.

Dear Friends and Family,

On this lovely, "Jackie's Birthday"-Day, I, Chin-Hwa (her loving, smart, articulate, suave, handsome, athletic.... I could go on... hubby), have decided to write as a privileged guest blogger. And no, I did not have to ask Jackie's permission in order to write this. I simply snooped around the internet until I could find a way to hack into my wife's blogger account. If you truly love somebody, you will find a way to pry your way into EVERY crevice of your loved one's private life. Otherwise, you're just not trying.

Anyway, I am "ghost-blogging" today because it is my lovelypants' birthday (we have lots of cutesy-wootsy monikers for each other, perhaps on a later blog post....). At first, I came on this blog to do what I always love to do: brag about myself. I wanted to write how I am so interesting, mysterious, intriguing, and most of all.... modest. But alas, faithful blog readers, I will have control the urge to reveal how great I am. Instead, I guess I will use this time to write how great Jackie is. If you get bored while reading the rest of this, I can't say that I blame you.

First, all the goodies about my honeybuns is already known. She's smart, funny, beautiful, helpful, witty, and a semi-competent card player (what more could a husband ask for?). However, the thing that I like most about her is that she really is not afraid to embarrass herself. And she has had PLENTY of opportunities to blunder, and then try to act smooth ("What? Me? Stumble? Never!"). Farting in public. Butchering the Korean language in front of my relatives. Getting completely lost... in Omaha. And being honest about it... Priceless.

So please. All you friends and family reading this blog (and not posting comments, shame on you). Don't be modest. Write something. I won't judge. We all can't be Shakespeare or Alice Walker. Write ANYTHING. You can write pleasant niceties such as, "Happy Birthday," or, "We love you." But lets share the goodies. Let's share stories. Let's share stories such as the one where a 5 year-old Jackie poops into a toilet... you know... the one's ON DISPLAY in a hardware store. Let's share and really show Jackie how much you care, and how much we love Jackie. Because nothing says, "Love," like minor humiliation.

With love (and a little schaudenfreude),
Chin-Hwa (her husband who has never been embarrassed in his life, but is about to get in to DEEP trouble after his honeymuffins finds out about this post).


  1. I love the story about Jackie in Tennessee with the nuns at the bar. She can only tell this one. Of course, my best memory of Jackie is actually seeing her for the first time. She was and will always be beautiful in every sense of the word. You are so lucky you are married to her, Chin-Hwa. Love, Mary

  2. I believe the pooping incident was in an open aisle at a hardware store, which is even worse than a display toilet because it just makes no sense. One of my favorites is Jackie telling a former crush that she had a "brush" on him, or the time when she told another crush "If I was a cat, I would totally play with your hat." Chin-Hwa, you're perfect for Jackie because you see the humor in all of the embarrasing situations rather than being embarrassed yourself. I've always had a much lower embarrassement threshold than Jackie, and I'm jealous of her ability to do anything in front of anyone. Please come back to the US so we can have more embarrasement! Love, Nickie

  3. So many great memories of Jackie - one that just shows how over the top awesome she is : when I was in Oregon for thanksgiving and missed a party at school, she took a 8x10 glossy of me on a paint stick (which I happened to have around) and took pictures of "me" with everyone at the party. It was awesome!

    Then there was the time she helped me cross off my bucket list items for the Bay Area such as going to China town (custards!!) and a Cal game. (go Ducks!), and the Tuesday night hang out times after soup supper, playing Dutch Blitz with Fa and Cesar and the never ending ride to Oregon. I guess those aren't memories of her embarrassing herself - just memories of her sheer awesomeness. Although it would have been embarrassing if we hadn't made it to Taco Bell in Weed, California.

    Happy Birthday to you, Jackie, the world certainly needs many more years of your fabulousness.