Tuesday, November 30, 2010

My poopypants...

Last night, Chin-Hwa fell asleep before me. I laid there and stared at his peaceful face (I swear that Chin-Hwa smiles when he sleeps...it is no coincidence that sleeping is one of his favorite pasttimes) splashed with moonlight. My mind started to wander and I thought about how I was so lucky to be with him at this particular moment. Just as I was nearing bliss, as well as nearing a stereotypical romantic movie moment during which I take out a conveniently located sketch pad and pencil so I could artfully capture this picture, he turned towards me and sighed...and my face was smacked with bad breath daggers, full of fear and spite.

Mood splintered.

These are the things you do not think about before deciding to move in with someone. So beware, young lovers. Beware! Don't start me on his recent hobby of pooping with the door open. (Yes, I know, Chin-Hwa, my conversation is enticing, but can't it wait?!)

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