Monday, November 8, 2010

G20 summit

The G20 Summit will happen in Seoul this Thursday and Friday. What is the G20 summit? Based on my quick research (I Googled it once...that counts, right?) I have discovered that leaders from the most influential economic markets across the world will gather together to discuss problems and solutions facing the world economy. Even Barack Obama is coming. You are probably falling asleep at the mere mention of such a dry meeting, but I assure you that it will not be boring due to the thousands of protesters that have started to gather all across the country. I don't know what exactly they are protesting, but they are loud and well organized, which is not surprising after witnessing how well Koreans can cheer together during a baseball game.

I have seen my share of protests (they protested about everything in Berkeley!) but we have been warned that these protests might turn violent. Seoul is off limits these next few days, although it would be exciting to see. I promise I will stay away! Here is more information if you are interested enough to explore:

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