Thursday, July 8, 2010

The paradox of crabby wabby

When I was younger, I wasn't always perky and adorable. Now, I know.....wait, what's that? Oh, do you have a question, conveniently imaginary student in the back of my pretend classroom? Yes, yes, I know this is hard to believe. Just remember what I told you on the first day of class, that those of us who seem perfect now haven't always been that way. Now, for the sake of the story, lay your questions aside and go with it.

OK, I had some days I was pretty rotten. (Nickie was rotten more days than me, but that's neither here nor there.) When I was being particularly poopy, one of my mom's favorite things to do was to grab me and give me a huge hug while saying, "Why are you so crabby wabby?" I never understood this tactic at that age. I know now that this was probably very cathartic for her, but this comment was sure to insence younger me. I would scream, "I'M NOT CRABBY WABBY!" which just didn't help my case.

Mom had me. I could either choose to deny her accusation vehemently and further my trip into crabby land or I could not deny it, thereby furthering my trip up crabby mountain. I still don't know a proper response to that's a conundrum I'll have to propose to my philosopically minded friends who will probably enjoy spending entire weekends devoted to this one question.

Why do I bring this up? Well, the other day, when Chin-Hwa was going on and on about some stupid...ahem, entirely meaningful, thing that happened to him that day, I (really! true story!) asked him why he was so crabby wabby. I said it. It was fast; it was natural; it came out of my own two lips. This phrase from my childhood reemerged. I was mortified.

I don't know if Chin-Hwa even realized that I said such an adorably annoying phrase such as "crabby wabby." I, however, heard it as if it was slow motion. And I will admit that it made me feel a little better...

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