Tuesday, August 31, 2010

My dream come true!

Something magical has happened, if you'll be kind enough to forgive the upcoming pun which you would have to in order to continue reading... I have successfully merged my love for Harry Potter into my everyday life. Nooo, this is more than when I wore the shirt or experimented with Quidditch in Berkeley.

I started teaching Harry Potter in one of my classes. This might not seem like a big deal, but what this means is I am going to be paid moolah to talk HP (a real fan doesn't have to spell it out)for an hour a week. The student who is lucky enough to enjoy my rantings about the upcoming Triwizard tournament is lucky John Kim. (There was supposed to be one more student, but he dropped out of the academy right before I began the lessons. He probably couldn't handle the sheer excitement of me practicing spells) He told me he has read HP three times in Korean and one time in English. To test his level of fandom, I asked him if he knew the spells. I hid my judgement when he said no.

We have read the first three chapters and the possibities are endless. I'm thinking field trip to the movies, field trip to the HP theme park, pretending we are robbing Gringotts, bringing Jenna and Katie in as guest speakers, etc. I have already bored, I mean, enlightened, John with my theories regarding Mrs. Figg. He is in for a series of treats. Chin-Hwa, however, is less than excited for me. He still remembers when we first started dating and HP 7 came out. I went to Borders to pick it up. He came there a few hours later, hoping to see his lovely boo. I told him that I had a previous commitment to read HP all night at Katie's aunt's house. He didn't believe me at first, and it wasn't until I told him I was choosing HP over him that he got the hint.


  1. AHHHH THIS IS THE BEST THING EVER! Jackie, this is awesome. I would love to Skype in as a guest speaker and will begin re-reading all the books in order to prepare. Did I ever tell you I have a copy of "The Tales of Beetle the Bard"? :)


  2. You are truly inspirational... how can I integrate HP into MY work? Love, Nickie