Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Travel Plans

I left the U.S. of A. on August 13th, 2009, and now I'm planning on making a return trip! Chin-Hwa and I are hoping to be back in the States for a one month vacation starting around July 20th. (The exact details are still up in the air, thanks to the Army, but you let us worry about that. All you have to do is get excited!) We're going to stay in the midwest (mostly because the midwestern summers are oh so enjoyable) and I want to see as many of you as possible! So if you have been desiring to return to Omaha in secret, don't be clandestine and wait no longer. If you really want to check out Kansas City's barbeque, make your plans.

I have a few things I will check on once I'm back:
1. Does the flag still have fifty stars? Or did Puerto Rico finally sneak in?
2. Does freedom still reign superior?
3. Is Wendy still afraid of thunderstorms?
4. Are refried beans truly a gift from the heavens?
5. Does Nickie still look like me?
6. Is Grandma's strawberry rhubarb jam still the jam?
7. Does David have facial hair?
8. Did Dad repaint the house again?
9. Does Mom still love free concerts?
10. If I make puppy chow, will Emily Kroenke sense it from afar and come to me?

If you would like to help me complete these missions, let me know. I will need some backup.


  1. Welcome back to Nebraska. You'll be showing up in O-Town about a week before I leave for Seoul.

    Enjoy Nebraska. I know I'll miss it!

  2. You're returning just in time to help us move--how perfect!
    1. No Puerto Rico yet.
    2. Freedom reigns indeed.
    3. Wendy is still deathly afraid of storms and still dashes out the door and runs around the block until you tire of chasing her...
    4. Black beans are better.
    5. Yeah, I think I'm still your twin, but your new cute short hair cut will help people keep us straight!
    6. Grandma showed me how to make the jam--want to learn?
    7. I think David has a few facial hairs, but just a few. He probably plucks them like someone else we know...
    8. No house paint yet--but wanna help paint ours?!
    9. Mom went to a free concert Friday and Saturday night!!!
    10. Lots of people will follow the scent of puppy chow including myself.

    You will not be able to escape me while you're here!!! Love, Nickie