Monday, April 12, 2010

Clearasil should never give one a false sense of security

Although I wash, exfoiliate, Clearasil, and moisturize my face twice a day (someone's gotta take care of this money maker!) I still get zits. I once thought my zitty times were over, but alas. And these are not the small, easy to cover type zits--I'm talking about the huge, can't look away even if one tried type zits. Not very attractive, but I am usually able to ignore them. After all, I know I'm more than a blemish.

Until last week.

The story: I was hit with two huge zits at once. One was on my forehead and the other one was on my cheek. They were red, swollen, and disgusting. They actually hurt. These things were intense.

I forgot about these two beauties until I got to school. Over the course of one day, I had no less than twenty students staring at the blemishes, four students gasping at the sheer magnitude of the zits, and three brave students ask me, "Ms. Jackie! What happened to your face?" Thanks, kids. I'm so glad I'm teaching you enough English for you to manage to ask me embarrasing questions. For the younger students, I told them I "hurt" my face. I didn't want to go into a vocabulary lesson regarding clogged pores, and I figured a tinge of shame might serve them right. (What's that, Jasmine? You want to know what happened to my face? Well its a horrible story and now I'm injured. Are you glad you asked? Huh? Are you???) For the older kids, I told them they were pimples. I even translated "pimple" into Korean so they could know exactly what I was talking about. After all, I'm supposed to be teaching them so I might as well turn my face into a lesson plan.


  1. Absolutely everything is a learning moment with kids! The good, the bad, and the ugly!

  2. Jackie, go see a dermatologist. You have insurance unlike the rest of us. Mom

  3. Unfortunately this reminds me of a "Chicago" story. We were riding up a 100 story elevator on the way to the view of the city. Ears popping, lots of time to try not to notice other passengers. One of your aunts had a gem sized blemish in the exact place exact size and similar color of a traveler from say Calcutta. I believe the foreign traveler's was a cultural right and my sisters was my ticket to hidden giggles. My bad

  4. you can combine the acne thing with lady gaga-- tadaa-- big hats! funky wigs! disguise! i'm ready for big hats to become more popular around here so that i can worry less about bad hair/face days, lol.