Monday, August 17, 2009

International Flights

I arrived at SFO three hours early and gathered in line at the Singapore Airlines ticket counter. I was the only white person in line, which was a mere precursor of things to come. I boarded the airplane hours later and I was pleased to discover that I had my own personal television. Then the flight attendant started giving me things--a hot towel; headphones; a pair of socks and a tiny toothbrush. During the flight, she would continue to function as Santa Claus as I was provided with snacks and two (!) meals during the 13 hour flight, which was a far cry from my Southwest days. I even got a glass of wine with dinner, and she thought I was strange for asking if it was free.
The descent into Incheon airport seemed to take forever. We were flying through a ton of clouds and my first sight of Korea was an island and some mountains. So it looked a lot like Not like Nebraska at all. Chin-Hwa and some of his family members met me at the airport and we began our two hour car trip home. Pictures of the apartment will come soon!

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