Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Korean Hotel

Well, Chin-Hwa and I stayed in our first Korean hotel. The reason we had to leave home was that Chong-Suk, Chin-Hwa's mom, was in town and we had to travel 5 hours south to her parents' grave sites. (which is a normal Korean tradition--if you are back in Korea, you are supposed to go see the graves.)

Anyhoo, the hotel was unlike American hotels. For one, the building had a large Statue of Liberty affixed to the top. (I regret that I was unable to snap a photo of this.) It was as cheesy as you can imagine--trust me. The hotel room was, well, colorful and seedy, all at once. It was a strange mixture of luxurious and disgusting. Luxury items included a heated toilet seat and bed. Even more importantly, the room had its own karaoke system. We could not figure out how to work it properly, but we both sang into the mic just for kicks.

The disgusting part for me was the fact that all of the lotions, shampoos, conditioners, and even toothpastes were in economy-sized containers and had already been opened and used by other customers. They were veritable germ factories. Therefore, I avoided those products like the plague.

Look through the photos to get a better picture of the place: