Sunday, February 28, 2010

Foreign toilets.

I thought my days of embarrassing toilet moments were over. I share the following story with you in order to entertain you at my expense.

Today I traveled south to Yongsan to see Stephanie Houston. (Mercy Monarchs...flutter flutter 4 EVA) We had a very enjoyable evening, which almost made up for what had happened earlier in the day...

I was making a transfer at one of the subway stations and I had what one might call a bathroom emergency. (I have a lot of bathroom emergencies for being a twenty-six year old, but that's for another day and an extremely bored audience.) I really, really had to go. I saw a sign that said restrooms were 90 meters away, and although I had no idea what distance that was, I hoped it was close. I made my way there only to find that there was only one regular toilet and it was taken.

Now, let me clarify. There were many available stalls, but all of them were labeled with a sign that did not look like a toilet (see below). It looked like a bidet. I now know that it was a "squat toilet." However, I had never ventured into one of these bathrooms due to my fear of the unknown, so I could only assume they were the mystical toilets that Chin-Hwa had told me about.

I was desperate, so I entered one of the open stalls. (I figured it was a better choice than peeing my pants or crawling under the occupied door of the regular toilet. You be the judge.) The toilet was closer to a hole in the ground that was surrounded by porcelain so it would not look like a hole in the ground. It looked like a toilet bowl that was laid into the floor. It had water and could be flushed and everything. Needless to say, I didn't have time to dwell on the particulars. I had to go. I unzipped, crouched down, and let it fly.

I missed.


The details aren't important. I'll just say that it was embarrassing and required more clean up than I had hoped. I am not not proud, but I can say that I will indeed try again. After I ask Chin-Hwa for some directions.


  1. Jackie, what about the time you pooped in the hardware store by the plumbing section with your very loose (too big for your skinny butt) underware. Sorry, I had to mention this. Love, your Mom

  2. Oh my gosh, I misspelled underwear. Don't tell Grandma.

  3. The sign is confusing. Perhaps its just winter olympic withdrawal but it really looks like some kind of sledding symbol. Ready set pee.

  4. oh man, i just had a flashback to india. with practice, you WILL master these toilets!

  5. I thought that was me in the hardware store?

  6. I agree that this looks like a sledding symbol. Sledding sounds like more fun...

  7. More fun agreed except when one has to take a whiz burdened with snow pants.