Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Well, we've finally had our blizzard.

Whenever I would ask someone about Korean winters, (which was frequent, I assure you. I had to know what I'm dealing with here. No one warned me about Californian winters, and I lived in agony.) everyone talked about how cold it would get. No one mentioned any snow. In fact, they said it probably wouldn't snow. And I trusted them.

And now Korea's been hit by the biggest blizzard in almost a century. It all started on Monday morning. The snow fell in huge snowflakes. It was wet, fluffy, and cold, like most snows. (You never know what to expect in a foreign land! Snow could be backwards here, you know, like lava or something. Use your imagination.) When I left the apartment to go to work, there were almost no cars on the road. This is unheard of. It was almost eerie, to walk outside and not have to wait for the walk signal and then have to look again because most cars ignore the walk signal. There were no plows. No salt trucks. Nothing. The only group of people I saw were a bunch of old women who were shoveling the walkways of the apartment.

I walked to the subway station because I knew that if nothing else, it would still be in operation. The subway station was packed, and the train was even fuller. I had the same idea as every other person who had to work.

Here are some pictures of the snow, from one weather-obsessed Midwesterner to another:

If you click on the slide show, it will bring you to my photo website where you can leave comments and see bigger pictures! Who could resist?


  1. Crazy blizzard! Looks a lot like here in Kansas :) I didn't know you were set up on Picasa--I'm thinking about doing the same thing.

  2. Glad you're doing this - fun to see Korea through your eyes - what exactly do you do there? I'm assuming a teacher, but I could be way off (have been known to be wrong before!) What does hubby do? How long will you be there? Forever? 5 years? Until Tom wants you home - ha!

  3. Toninette! Hi! I am a teacher, but I am really here because my husband is stationed here with the Army. We are supposed to stay until September 2010, but the Army has a way of keeping people here for longer than expected! Hope you're well.
    P.S-Dad's wanted me home since I left home.