Wednesday, December 16, 2009


The other day I told Chin-Hwa that I'd been sick with a cough for over a week. He told me that sicknesses will stick around longer now that I'm "getting old."

Wait. I'm old now? What? I'm the picture of youth! I still wear jeans to work occasionally! I'm still trying to figure out how to shave my legs! I use Facebook. I can write an email and even send it successfully. I don't think I'm old; I'm just tall for my age.

But Chin-Hwa is not alone in his statement. Kids at work love to guess my age. Their favorite little game is to guess I'm a million just to see my reaction. After I congratulate them for knowing a number that is so huge ("Wow! You know the word for million!") I make a disapproving face. They love it and giggle every time. The sad thing is that when I tell them how old I really am, they seem to gasp in fright. "I've never met someone so old, Miss Jackie! My mom is younger than you!" Thanks, kids. Thanks.

I have been forgetful lately...perhaps it is early onset age-related brain farts! And it does take me a long time to get started in the morning without my parents and my aunts and uncles are this way. (Anyone who's been at Ponca in the mornings could tell you this.) Maybe my love of High School Musical isn't enough to cut it. Maybe I'm a fogey. I didn't even try to dress up for Halloween this year. And I have been known to make disparaging remarks regarding "teenage fashions." I don't own Ugz and I'm not even sure how to spell the word! No young'un could get away with such things. The good news here is that I can start keeping a stash of hard candies in my bag and hand them to kids as I see fit. And I can talk about my old uphill walks to school. This might not be so bad.

I guess I'd better go tell Nickie she's getting old, too. Twins for life.

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  1. You can not and will not be old. As one of the large entourage that accompanied your parents to Immanual that nite not so many years ago if you and your sister are old you even a minute or so older than Nickie this somehow implies that Aunt Therese is old. I am as immature as ever so I will hold my breath until you take this idea of you Jacqueline Kay Lee being old. Hurry I am turning blue